Moonlight Shadow

Out here in the storm nobody can trace us
Nobody will recognize you with your hair in the wind
Don’t try to light cigarettes, they’ll burn down in a second
Your words don’t reach me, they fly like feathers

We’re out here and gone
You’ve shut the door
We’re two silent shadows
We’re out here and gone
On the street we’re moonlight shadow

Arms around your jacket, it’s as close as we can get
Bring me to your bed, I cannot wait to feel you naked
Windows flicker blue, we’re TV light shadow
Bars are filled with regret and sorrow


I’m shaking from the cold or some strange kind of fear
Cobble stones start speaking, Baby, don’t you leave me here
Wires start singing, Baby, don’t you leave me here



Capo: IV
Verse, Interlude: F – G – C – F (C – G – F at end of 2nd verse)
Chorus: G – F – C – G – F
Bridge: Am – G – C – F | Am – G – Em – F | G – C – Am – G | Am – G – C – F

Cold Mirror Hall

Take a minute, if you dare
for nothing but your own heart
It could be the last time
for you to find me there

Leave it broken and rattled
leave it distant and confused
about life and its decisions
about the ways that we can choose

If you only let me in
into your cold mirror hall
If you only let me in
into your cold mirror hall

If you can find transitions
without a hammer or an axe
You will be the first to know
if I’ll ever find out of this maze

But if it’s not the case
smash the mirrors and chop the frames
Pound them into pieces
for I can no longer count the days



Capo: IV
Interlude, Bridge: Em – Em – D – Em
Verse: ||: Em D Bm Em :|| ||: Am G Bm Am Em:||
Chorus: G – D – C (F at the end)

Go Brother Go

When you go diving, dive down deep
Drift with the water, let yourself sink
Deep blue darkness and squids with ink
When you feel like breathing, come up again

You lie on a field watching clouds
make them a picture, try to draw them down
You’re afraid of flying with planes or balloons?
Just go with the air that carries you

go brother go your plane takes off in the morning light
go sister go if you haven’t tried
You’ll never know

You go climbing high on a peak
Take a look at the river that winds beneath your feet
When you meet an ocean too huge to explain
just go with the water and take a swim

go brother go your plane takes off in the morning light
– Gotta go to come back home –
go sister go if you haven’t tried
You’ll never know



Capo: VI
Interlude: Am Am G Am
Verse: ||: Am Am G Am :|| G – Am – G – C | Am – G – Am
Chorus: F – C/G – Am – G

What If?

If the day was warm and the wind stood still
I’d listen to the crickets when they sing
I’d buy your favorite ice cream
and think of the freckles on your skin

If I sat by the ocean in moonlight
I’d be listening to the waves rolling in
From afar I could hear someone laughing
and your guitar as it rings

If I let you go forever
would you still remember me?
Would you keep me in your photographs
and in the letters that I wrote?

If I went out to the theatre
I‘d remember you dressed up like Juliet
overacting scenes of good-bye
I couldn‘t help but smile

If I took a lonely walk through the forest
tripping over mushrooms on my way
I‘d remember the huge one you found one time
You, you where the hero of the day



Capo: V
Interlude: G – Em – D – C | G – Em – C#dim – C
Verse: Em – Am – D – Em (G – D in her verse) | Em – Am – G – D – C
Chorus: G – D – C – G – D | Em – C – G – Am – C – Am – C

You Are Not Alone

This is only moving air oscillating my words into your head
They might have been electrons or sine waves
Still I sing them from my heart

Here we got some lines and strokes on white paper
and only your eyes, they can turn them into letters
It might have been ink or blood on a contract
Still I wrote them from my heart

Take it as a message of love – Take it as the world was absurd
but you are not alone – you are not alone

You consist of all that you have learned and carbonhydrates
Microvolts discharging in your head
Information is only what you make of it
Still it can hit you in the heart


Here we got some open space filled with nothing but darkness
But as soon as you hear this, we have all proved existence

you are not alone – you are not alone


Capo: V
Verse: Am – G – F – F
Bridge: F – G – G – F
Chorus: Am – G – C – C | Am – G – F – F

I Can’t Wait No Longer

I am waiting for the bus to bring me home
in the midnight falling rain
I am kicking stones along the sidewalk
If ever it comes, if ever it comes?

I can’t wait no longer
I won’t wait for you no more

I am waiting for my baby to be born
in the staircase of a hospital
I know it’s pink and safe and warm in the belly
but now you’re old enough
and now you gotta come, and now you gotta come


I am waiting for your heart to decide
if you love me – if you don’t
It is leaving me restless, such a waste of time
If ever you’ll decide, if ever you’ll decide?



Verse, Interlude: Am – G – F – C | G – F – C – G
Chorus: C – F – C – C | G – F – C – G

Blue Soul

If you just can’t find what you’re here for
and it feels like you’ve read every book
And you don’t wanna go to the library no more
‚cause it only confirms
what you already know

You love all the fools around you
You can picture their dark passions
And every synapse is telling you to run
still you keep standing by them

There are several ways to look at it
but only one thing that you say
you are a blue, blue soul
you are a blue, blue soul

If you are only able to breathe
when you’re out on the countryside
ooh, out on the countryside
and you feel more connected to snails
than to anyone you know
ooh, anyone you know

If you only smile not to hurt no one
only chat to wrestle down time
Well, the system is clear but awful
and it will never fit your style



Capo: VI
Intro, Interlude: Em | Gdim7
Chorus: Em – C – G – D – C | Em – E – C – G – D – C
Verse: G – D – C – G | Em – D – C – G
Bridge: D – Em – C – D7

The Lightning

Step out on your balcony take a look at your realm
You are the king of all that you can see
The summer-coloured landscape
and the birds on the wire

they sing you a song
just for the fact that you’re alive

Baby do I hear a thunder rolling in?
On the horizon I can see the lightning

Take a walk in the woods or a swim in a lake
Fireflies play universe – each one is your soul mate
A secret pattern that you will never learn to read

take it as it is baby, ‚cause even us
we will one day have to leave


Verse, Interlude: G – B – Em – C | C – D – Em – C | C – D – G – D – A | G – Em – C – C
Chorus: ||: G – B – C – C – Em – D – C – C :||


The candles that you’ve lit are those that bring ghosts into houses
I can see their footprints in the leaves beneath the windows
They rattle the shelters and they sing through the chimneys
oh, they’re already here
So give me a last beam of sunlight before the world falls asleep


The grains you’ve scattered in the birdhouse
they draw black feathered creatures
I can hear their talons tapping over the rooftop
They caw through the fog and they drift down on the acres
oh, they never fly south
So give me a last beam of sunlight before the world falls asleep



Interlude: D – C – G – D
Verse: D – C – Em – D | D – C – G – D | Am – C – G – D | D – C – G – D
Chorus, Outro: C – G – Em – D | C – Em – Bm – D

Evil Ghost

I can flip the Queen of Hearts by a single clap of my hands
I can fight with light swords when it gets late
I can hide behind a curtain I can hover from the stand
though I never know how to land

So I play little tricks, little tricks
distracting your soul
I play little tricks, little tricks
until the evil ghost is gone

I can jiggle with my eyes I can even roll my tongue
I can jump on one leg and hold the other one in my hand
I can make a handstand or a pirouette
leave politics to politicians and death to the dead


I paint a portrait of you
in blue and yellow and red
I can smoke until the morning
when the wine is in my head
I can sing you a song
can even write one for you

Until it‘s gone.



Verse: Gmaj7 – Am – Bm – Am (last line D)
Chorus: C – G – G/F# – Em – D
Bridge: C – G – Am – C | C – G – G/F# – Em – Am – C | D – G – C