If you’ve been asking yourself »Where is everybody and where in particular is The Moonband?«, you’ll be pleased to learn:

A. Yes, there is life on other planets.
B. The Moonband is back on earth.

We took some time off during the Great Pause for a little trip around this Solar System and now we’re back on your beautiful planet. We brought with us a handful of fresh songs that we are keen to record within the 4,571 billionth orbit of the sun (2024 in your calendar).

Learn about your Solar System


There are great people on this planet that have been supporting The Moonband for years now and that is why we want to recommend our favorite record stores to you if you are planning to order a physical album of ours:

DISCY MusikBuchHandlung
Bongartz – Musik in allen Formaten

As for us, monetary payback is not a category of any of our holy thoughts and that’s why we’re happy to offer you as many streaming services as we are able to find.

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Concerts on Earth

Landsberg Stadtfest
Stadion der Träume

FAT CAT – Gasteig
w/ Buco

Kulturforum Traunstein

Moon Merch

We nearly ran out of everything. When you press the order button very kindly we might go downstairs in the stock and see if we find one last of these beautiful and limited screen prints.

the moonstore


For booking The Moonband, please get in contact with Felix from Intertune Records

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If you are looking for tech-rider or press material please download our EPK

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