You Are Not Alone

This is only moving air oscillating my words into your head
They might have been electrons or sine waves
Still I sing them from my heart

Here we got some lines and strokes on white paper
and only your eyes, they can turn them into letters
It might have been ink or blood on a contract
Still I wrote them from my heart

Take it as a message of love – Take it as the world was absurd
but you are not alone – you are not alone

You consist of all that you have learned and carbonhydrates
Microvolts discharging in your head
Information is only what you make of it
Still it can hit you in the heart


Here we got some open space filled with nothing but darkness
But as soon as you hear this, we have all proved existence

you are not alone – you are not alone


Capo: V
Verse: Am – G – F – F
Bridge: F – G – G – F
Chorus: Am – G – C – C | Am – G – F – F

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