What If?

If the day was warm and the wind stood still
I’d listen to the crickets when they sing
I’d buy your favorite ice cream
and think of the freckles on your skin

If I sat by the ocean in moonlight
I’d be listening to the waves rolling in
From afar I could hear someone laughing
and your guitar as it rings

If I let you go forever
would you still remember me?
Would you keep me in your photographs
and in the letters that I wrote?

If I went out to the theatre
I‘d remember you dressed up like Juliet
overacting scenes of good-bye
I couldn‘t help but smile

If I took a lonely walk through the forest
tripping over mushrooms on my way
I‘d remember the huge one you found one time
You, you where the hero of the day



Capo: V
Interlude: G – Em – D – C | G – Em – C#dim – C
Verse: Em – Am – D – Em (G – D in her verse) | Em – Am – G – D – C
Chorus: G – D – C – G – D | Em – C – G – Am – C – Am – C

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