The Lightning

Step out on your balcony take a look at your realm
You are the king of all that you can see
The summer-coloured landscape
and the birds on the wire

they sing you a song
just for the fact that you’re alive

Baby do I hear a thunder rolling in?
On the horizon I can see the lightning

Take a walk in the woods or a swim in a lake
Fireflies play universe – each one is your soul mate
A secret pattern that you will never learn to read

take it as it is baby, ‚cause even us
we will one day have to leave


Verse, Interlude: G – B – Em – C | C – D – Em – C | C – D – G – D – A | G – Em – C – C
Chorus: ||: G – B – C – C – Em – D – C – C :||

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