The Hiker

You can look down in the valley
From behind the timberline
A plane across the scenery
Leaving a thin white line
Clouds keep swifting
Up upon the sky
I’m counting things that won’t have changed
Long before I die
And that little creek keeps floating
Its waves keep rolling
The world keeps turning
And no one is complaining
And the sun keeps shining
And the rain keeps falling
People go to work
Every single morning
They fall in love
With each one another
Still everyone’s arranged
To have a mother and a father
And on top of that mountain
Say out your name
To me it always felt
Frightfully trivial
You have a good heart
You have a good soul
And your brain does
What it was made for
So look me in the eyes
Like that I’d spend hours
Without any heading
I’m traveling through open space
How far can you go
Without the stars‘ end
Break free
It’s infinity
Inside yourself

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