Set the Fire

I once met a man with a blaze in his words
and a smile to excite everyone’s envy
He could talk for hours
His elation, it spread
And before I knew, I slipped into the game
I traveled on with him
from beginning till the end of the longest days in my life
just to watch him play his guitar and hear him sing
about what we all felt was right
We have a fire
Go off, spread the word
on all railroad tracks and roads and paths
wherever you’ll get
Always defend what you love
Keep following your heart and in the end you’ll see
At the heart of the game our canons where carved
in blank stone not meant to be changed
But one of them rules was not to follow these rules
And we all laughed at logic’s pretty face
Oh then commotion commenced and disorder, it spread
until no one could tell theory from truth
And the wheel broke apart and the cannons shot sparks
on the longest day of our youth

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