No Bargain

We overcame money and its strain in the year 3050
Some still complained quiet and vague
for this time the change wasn’t made for their gain
So we had nothing more to sweat for
nothing more to bleed for
And there ain’t no bargain – wherever we might go
You can’t take a cab to wherever we go
And you can’t, no you can’t, take nothing with you
We had agreed oppression was worthwhile
yet not worth the feeling of guilt and all the rumbling
We thought of a change, this time for real
and even the king, he came to his senses
So we had nobody to vote for, nobody to cheer
(money, loot, dust, nickels, dough, cash)
There ain’t no chambermaid and there ain’t no gold to gain
There ain’t no one who owns more or less than you
But you’ll come through
Yes you’ll come through

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