Moonlight Shadow

Out here in the storm nobody can trace us
Nobody will recognize you with your hair in the wind
Don’t try to light cigarettes, they’ll burn down in a second
Your words don’t reach me, they fly like feathers

We’re out here and gone
You’ve shut the door
We’re two silent shadows
We’re out here and gone
On the street we’re moonlight shadow

Arms around your jacket, it’s as close as we can get
Bring me to your bed, I cannot wait to feel you naked
Windows flicker blue, we’re TV light shadow
Bars are filled with regret and sorrow


I’m shaking from the cold or some strange kind of fear
Cobble stones start speaking, Baby, don’t you leave me here
Wires start singing, Baby, don’t you leave me here



Capo: IV
Verse, Interlude: F – G – C – F (C – G – F at end of 2nd verse)
Chorus: G – F – C – G – F
Bridge: Am – G – C – F | Am – G – Em – F | G – C – Am – G | Am – G – C – F

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