King of the Pines

A village at the wild and rocky spines
800 feet above the ground
If you dont have a map, it’s hard to find
deeply hidden in a forest of pines
A small winding road
leads us down to the ground
covered with gravel and dirt
Only a few ever made the whole way
this place is too small to be found
Down in the valley the church bells ring
The birds and the sun disperse the mist
Page 309 of the songbook flips
Small leather boots hit the ground
And the boots do walk on,
step by step, towards town
And the King of the Pines
screams with deafening sound
Stone after stone, rolling on down
breaking their way, step by step, towards town
Rising high, leaving no trace
of the valley and the pines
and the King’s wooden crown
So finally that’s how this story ends
before it had even begun
The small leather boots were never found
just like the valley and the Pine King and his town

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