In Your Arms

I dig myself a hole to get out of your view
It’s cosy and deniable, so I won’t have to move
I won’t breathe and I won’t sleep, even if I might get tired
If someone’s out to wash my brain, I’ll set myself on fire
Of all the places that I’ve seen – this is where I wanna be
Once you’ve taken off your shoes – It’s hard to put them back to use
All the people that I’ve seen – lovely, wise, crazy, mean
In your arms, they won’t get me down no more
Before you watch the time go by, it’s better to be blind
I rename the numbers, so no one’s right on time
And when I’m done with numbers, then I change the words
I forget my name and I’m forgetting yours
All the things that we adore – whatever you are looking for
In your arms, it won’t let me down no more­

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