I Can’t Wait No Longer

I am waiting for the bus to bring me home
in the midnight falling rain
I am kicking stones along the sidewalk
If ever it comes, if ever it comes?

I can’t wait no longer
I won’t wait for you no more

I am waiting for my baby to be born
in the staircase of a hospital
I know it’s pink and safe and warm in the belly
but now you’re old enough
and now you gotta come, and now you gotta come


I am waiting for your heart to decide
if you love me – if you don’t
It is leaving me restless, such a waste of time
If ever you’ll decide, if ever you’ll decide?



Verse, Interlude: Am – G – F – C | G – F – C – G
Chorus: C – F – C – C | G – F – C – G

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