Evil Ghost

I can flip the Queen of Hearts by a single clap of my hands
I can fight with light swords when it gets late
I can hide behind a curtain I can hover from the stand
though I never know how to land

So I play little tricks, little tricks
distracting your soul
I play little tricks, little tricks
until the evil ghost is gone

I can jiggle with my eyes I can even roll my tongue
I can jump on one leg and hold the other one in my hand
I can make a handstand or a pirouette
leave politics to politicians and death to the dead


I paint a portrait of you
in blue and yellow and red
I can smoke until the morning
when the wine is in my head
I can sing you a song
can even write one for you

Until it‘s gone.



Verse: Gmaj7 – Am – Bm – Am (last line D)
Chorus: C – G – G/F# – Em – D
Bridge: C – G – Am – C | C – G – G/F# – Em – Am – C | D – G – C

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