Blue Soul

If you just can’t find what you’re here for
and it feels like you’ve read every book
And you don’t wanna go to the library no more
‚cause it only confirms
what you already know

You love all the fools around you
You can picture their dark passions
And every synapse is telling you to run
still you keep standing by them

There are several ways to look at it
but only one thing that you say
you are a blue, blue soul
you are a blue, blue soul

If you are only able to breathe
when you’re out on the countryside
ooh, out on the countryside
and you feel more connected to snails
than to anyone you know
ooh, anyone you know

If you only smile not to hurt no one
only chat to wrestle down time
Well, the system is clear but awful
and it will never fit your style



Capo: VI
Intro, Interlude: Em | Gdim7
Chorus: Em – C – G – D – C | Em – E – C – G – D – C
Verse: G – D – C – G | Em – D – C – G
Bridge: D – Em – C – D7

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