Atlantis (The Ballad of Profit)

A friend of mine got lost in Atlantis
Bought himself a barge and an old, wrecked, useless compass
He’d been diving for treasure for more than a while
He had with him some liquor and it tasted so fine
And all that he found was the bottom of his bottle
Sometimes I’m with him, sinking to the ground
Digging for treasure that will never be found
Another one thought there’s money on the road
Got himself a truck and tons of cargo to load
He was all ‚round the country, mostly at night
Once he missed his girl’s birthday when he tumbled into a bar fight
He drank black sugared coffee from cups of polystyrene
Sometimes I’m with him, driving at night
Looking for profit in the beams of the headlights
I got asked by a friend to teach him guitar
Women were easy and drinks were for free
I said, ‚Maybe you’re wrong – still it’s a pleasure to me‘
Now he’s counting the nickels in his guitar case
And I’m always with him, singing downtown
Looking for women and paying for my own drinks

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