10.000 Voices

The glass is empty – never mind
I’ll go searching, you go ’n‘ find
I’ll leave the trail, I’ll lose my sight
A one-eyed king that rules the blind
A dead man hanging owns no time
I beg you for respite
My plan is to get lost while burning this map
and I hope to be stumbling on every gap
Let the trail be a circle so I can never come back
Weeks are short and days are grey
Nights crash fast into today
I’ll leave the good, I’ll leave the bad
I’ll leave the laughing, I’ll leave the sad
I’ll leave supply, I’ll leave demand
and your promised land

I will follow instead the ten thousand voices in my head
There is no coming further, no sense in walking
No logical way of acting, no sense in doing nothing
You can’t waste time that’s never been yours
You can’t speak a language that don’t have no words

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