Slowcoustic / Friday Discoveries (Can)

Funerals & Duels
„…So this post is going to be easy as it is full of artists that I am not very familiar with.  I intend on listening to each one a bit more (of what they have to this point) as each one shows a lot of potential to become regulars on my personal playlists. (…) I then leave this with you readers of Slowcoustic, spread the word. (…) Last but not least is The Moonband from Munich, Bavaria with the track “Days to Live” from their EP entitled “Funerals and Duels”. Other than recently opening for the great Bowerbirds, I am really out of info on this group (even their MySpace page is only in German).  I might have to make a request of my German connection for all things music to get more info…but for now click on the lime to visit the Moonband’s MySpace page.“