Listen Before You Buy, USA

Open Space
„For all the high intensity, crazy shit that I listen to; sometimes a girl’s gotta chill out and just listen to some music that grounds her. When I started reading up on The Moonband, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I mean look at this picture above, they’re like some sort of weird space age Daft Punk meets the Beverly Hillbillies meets Portland juggernauts? Regardless of that, this is just a good group of crazies from Munich, Germany coming together to make an amazing acoustic, simple folk pop outfit. Ok bare with me, I usually vomit in my mouth a little when I hear ‘folk pop’, but there’s a charm to their music that makes you feel good inside. It also for some reason makes me want to get biscuits and gravy and butter soaked grits, but that just may be the hungry girl in me.
The Moonband is comprised of: Eugen Mondbasis, Chris Houston, Katerina Kirkova, Andy Armstrong, and Elena Rakete. They all play a variety of instruments from the upright bass to the mandolin to the ukulele, and again, I know it sounds weird but it’s a divine sound of Cracker Barrel goodness. I like the faint twinges in the alternations between the obscure instruments, each playing their own part crafting a sound that’s a mix between Bonnie “Prince” Billy and an Edward Sharpe kinda dealie. I just love that these guys are German… they sound straight out of the crik swimmin’ South (that’s how you say ‘creek’ in the South). Their voices all with the perfect amount of grunge and grit. You wouldn’t know they were German until you hear that glockenspiel sneaking in here and there.
The video they sent is just beautiful, something you want to paste into a scrapbook with dried pressed flowers and hand written sentiments sealed into. They truly are just straight up ‘charming’, I can’t dodge the word because it’s just so fitting. The emotion in their lyrics and the low chords and harmonies will attest towards it; they also have their EP streaming on their site (I highly advise checking it out and getting swallowed up into it). Check out the video below for “Boogeyman” and put on your gingham shirt, we’ve got a wagon to hitch!“