Get Ready to Rock, U.S.

Open Space
„The album sleeve and PR shots accompanying this 2009 album might have you expecting The Moonband to be some kind of post Hawkwind bunch of weed smoking space cadets.
But unlike the Hawklords, The Moonband deliver no sonic assault. No, something much more subtle a late sixties, hippy style take on Americana from, of all place, München, Germany.
With a laid back acoustic style reminiscent of CSN&Y, and with a focus on acoustic instrumentation, Open Space is a throw back. Some wonderfully tasteful instrumentation accompanied by nasally, Knopfler style, vocals and some excellent female harmony vocals make it a curious mix. It’s what the late sixties West Coast scene might have sounded like on a stoned night out had it been steeped in British folk.
There’s something timeless, but time bound about the whole affair. And it has an undeniably bewildering charm. One of those albums that really shouldn’t work, but against all the odds…“ ***½