Folk World

Open Space
„A group of men and women dressed as astronauts on a colorful digipack‚Ķ So what will have here, Hawkwind? David Bowie? P-Funk? No, it is a lovely folk rock album. The rock is subtle, but present. The folk melodies and interplay between acoustic guitars and voices are what leads the songs. There is a wistful searching quality to the songs that are very transportive. The electric guitar is quite restrained which it makes it more dramatic when used. It is hard to place the music geographically. The band is German and sings in English. There is an Americana quality mostly, but a European feel is also evident. Maybe it does indeed make sense that the art and liner notes tell of a space journey where you have all the time in the universe to play music. And if good music makes me struggle to see what simple category it fits into, then it has proven itself worth many listens. I would be happy listening to this many times over on my next space journey.“