Let It Rock, Canada

Open Space
„The Bohemian nu-folk with a Californian harmonic breathe. Fresh and sweet.
Thinking of Munich one will hardly imagine the West Coast waft but sometimes the belly full of beer may render the head and the hands so light that the music they create is dreamlike. That’s how it goes for this quintet who, unlike many of their genre co-conspirators, possess a wry sense of humor and a rosy cheek to call one of their more upbeat and twangy pieces „Tom Waits“ – where the second word is a verbe, of course – and the other „No Direction Home“ with a real nod to his Bobness saved for the harmonica-oiled „Right Before Your Eyes“. The music feels warmly homespun, so „Devil’s Got A Piece On Us“ draws the listener slowly but surely, on the roll of acoustic guitars and the lulling male and female voices; more so, adding glockenspiel, double bass and uke to the mix paints it all a bit otherworldly yet likable through and through.
While „Roll On Blues“ delicately chugs into one’s soul on the soft rumble of guitars, you can’t escape the charm of „Top Of A Tree“ which is both ancient in approach and modern in its rocky way. „Days To Live“ shows a different, much deeper side to all this jolly ride: a glance into the psyche of a priest in love rarely is so sympathetic and memorable in its tuneful execution, and „The Hiker“ leads off as gently as the album started – with a shining hope that promises to burst in full bloom any minute. The record’s a grower, and MOONBAND come up as a real contender for all of the American fairy folk. And that’s only a debut.“