Americana UK

Open Space
„Much more serious than the art work would suggest.
German based band, The Moonband clearly have a sense of fun judging by the quite frankly ludicrous art work for ‘….Open space’. However, musically the band offers much more serious fare. Essentially the band plough the acoustic Americana furrow, although at times there is a more upbeat celebratory aspect to their music.
Across its thirteen tracks ‘……Open Space’ offers the listener much to enjoy, and even in its more mundane moments, the music still manages to engage the listener. Although all of the songs are of sturdy stock there are a few that stand out from the crowd and lift the album above the mire. At a push the trio of ‘Top of a Tree’, ‘Roll on Blues’ and ‘Boogeyman’ are all a cut above the rest. It seems strange that the best Americana is often made by bands from outside the US but ultimately a lot of European, Australian and Canadian bands don’t seem to be locked into the strict framework that Americans in this genre seem bound by. ‘…….Open Space’ is an interesting and engaging debut that serves notice of The Moonbands intentions. Here’s to many more years of space travel.“
Reviewers Rating 7